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About me

Research fellow at the Roslin institute, University of Edinburgh, UK. My postdoctoral project is about the genomics of sparrow and the RNA-seq analysis on seasonality. I did my PhD in Wageningen University& Research, the Netherlands (2016-2021). My PhD project in WUR focused on functional genomics in chicken, including the genotype-phenotype mapping of dwarfism, population genetics of human-mediated introgression, comparative genomics, and transcriptomics.

Research experience: Whole-genome sequence data, RNA-seq data,and genome editing techniques (CRISPR-Cas9).

My passion and interest are growing in bioinformatics to develop bioinformatic tools, understanding the function of the genome, and using genomics to study the demographic history of domesticated populations.

I am a person full of curiosity, which makes me enthusiastic about new knowledge. :metal:

Key words: genomics, genetics, bioinformatics, and chicken


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